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Sai Delhi Tutor

Terms & Conditions for Delhi Home Tutors

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How to enroll in your website?

If you don't mind click on "Tutor Registration" choice. Top off with complete points of interest and submit it effectively. After effective accommodation you will get an affirmation mail on your mail id gave account actuation join and client id. By clicking that connection your record will be initiated and you are permitted to login to your record. Click on "Tutor Login" with given username, secret key and deal with your profile (incidentally this office is confined). After online registration please call us for arrangement to visit our office with required archive. For reports please check Terms and conditions for tutors.

Should I have to pay to make my tutor profile?

You can make tutor profile for nothing yet understudies can't contact free tutors straightforwardly. Free tutors will have the capacity to see understudy messages through email and portable cautions however understudy's contact points of interest won't be unmistakable.

How to get understudy points of interest straightforwardly?

For getting understudies point of interest you must be a paid and premium part. When you are paid and premium part, we will send your profile with full contact points of interest to every new understudy of your showing subject+class+area, and you will be given all profiles of understudies under your subject+class+area class or understudy can straightforwardly get in touch with you through telephone call, email and also send SMS. Premium tutors will get moment email and SMS warning at whatever point any new educational cost is posted. Tutors can keep getting all understudy leads all through the membership period.

How to make instalment for tutor registration?

Once tutor profile is made you can pay by on the web, money/check store or Demand Draft. See the financial balance subtle elements for Payment on FEES page.

Should I pay any additional charges to you once educational cost is settled?

Yes, you need to pay 50 % of first month expense. When you pay the sum then we will give you more tuitions.

Do you give insurance of getting understudies on instalment?

It relies on upon recurrence of understudy's request era. Paid tutors will get SMS and email alarms as and when any new understudy under your class+subject+area classification will post educational cost request. Other than tutor can likewise get back dated educational cost availabilities after login as a tutor. Its completely up to your showing abilities for finishing any tuitions.

Could understudies specifically impart to us for taking tuitions?

Yes, this exceptional office is for paid tutors just. Understudies can see your complete profile with contact points of interest and impart to you specifically.

Can I make my tutor profile under distinctive class or subject or range classifications?

Yes, you can make numerous tutor profiles under distinctive class, subject and range classification.

Whether understudy will go to my place or I need to go to his/her place?

Fundamentally we give home tuitions yet It totally relies on upon tutor and understudy. Both sides need to examine their helpful terms and conditions. SAIDELHITUTORS.COM won't take any choice on this respect yet intervene on the off chance that you need.


What is showcase?

Showcase is an element on our site to support tutors profile.

How it functions?

A supported profile will show up in an alternate look from any typical profile and a choice is accessible for a customer/guardian/gatekeeper/understudy to straightforwardly contact the tutor by email or by telephone/portable number accessible with us.

Is there any membership charges to support own profile?

Yes, there is some yearly charges to support a profile. It would be ideal if you visit FEES for these subtle elements.

Is the membership expenses charged for sponsorship of a profile can be balanced against registration or commission of any educational cost?

No, membership charges is completely not the same as registration expense or commissions and can't be balanced against them.

On the off chance that a tutor gets any educational cost specifically by means of your site through supported connection then what is the commission structure for that?

In the event that it happens then you don't need to pay any sum as commission to us however in the event that an educational cost or tuitions gave by us (saidelhitutors.com) on telephone or email then just you need to obey typical commission structure.

What is the fundamental contrast between tuitions gave to us by saidelhitutors.com and direct tuitions through supported profile?

The fundamental distinction between above tuitions/assignments is that we (SAIDELHITUTORS.COM) likewise regularly gets enquiry with respect to tutor prerequisite online and disconnected from the net and we give tutors to them as indicated by their need and request in which we choose the suitability of a tutor, terms and conditions and expenses for the benefit of a tutor or permit our tutor to talk about the matter and we charge typical commission for that. However, if there should be an occurrence of tuitions by means of supported profile we don't assume any dynamic part and don't charge any commission or sum.

What number of tuitions or task do we traverse this show case?

We totally don't promise about the quantity of leads, we promise you to publicize your profile on our site for one year from membership instalment date. Inside of this period in the event that you are reached by what number of customers/folks/understudies/organizations or establishments it doesn't make a difference for us. It thoroughly relies on upon understudies request and timing of scholarly session.

For Students

In what capacity would I be able to discover great tutor?

It would be ideal if you tap on “Registration" alternative or "understudy registration" and after that present your points of interest (Note Down your Username some place that will be required in Login). Click on "Part Login" with given username, secret key and post your points of interest and prerequisites.

Do I have to pay to open my understudy profile in your website?

No, you can make your profile completely free. In any case, to contact tutors by means of telephone and email you need to reach us on our numbers or email us at saidelhitutors@gmail.com and we will give you the points of interest of tutor.

When educational cost is settled would it be a good idea for me to need to pay anything further to?

No. It's completely free for understudies and we don't charge anything from understudies.

Is it important to make my understudy profile to locate a suitable tutor?

Yes, that will help you to get a decent tutor of your need.

In what capacity will I be guaranteed on capability and educational cost ability of the tutors?

We have stamped tutors with checked authentications. You can be guaranteed on their realness.

Might I be able to straightforwardly speak with my preferred tutor and talk about my educational cost necessities?

Yes, you can do it. Yet, you need to contact administrator or mail at saidelhitutors.com to get the contact subtle elements of our tutor.

Do you encourage settling educational cost expenses to be charged by tutor?

No, it must be commonly chosen by understudy and tutors just. SAIDELHITUTORS.COM does not assume any liability here.

Should I have to go to tutor's place for taking educational cost or it can be masterminded at my living arrangement too?

ou have to identify with the tutor straightforwardly and talk about in insight in regards to this.

Will I return home task assistance from your enrolled tutors?

Yes, you can. Go to homework segment and transfer your task with complete points of interest.


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